Software Overview

Our software solution is a comprehensive platform to meet your sustainability reporting needs. The software’s capabilities are:

Flexible data capture

The data capture component of the tool is designed to collect your on-site usage data, such as electricity, water, fleet, waste etc. The way our tool is designed, it can be configured to capture any piece of data which is deemed relevant to your sustainability reporting.

Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting

With flexibility always in mind, our software can combine your onsite usage data combined with emission factors to produce accurate results regarding your Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Scope 3 reporting

Our Scope 3 offering is where we shine.

Using IO methodology, our software embeds your business into the national or global economy. Using economic modelling, we trace the flow of your expenditure through your supply chain, producing a deep insight into your true scope 3 impact.

Not only can we report on your environmental impact such as green house gas emissions, we can trace economic and social impact such as gross domestic product and employment.

More-over, the results can be fine-tuned using “Path Exchange”. This methodology allows fine tuned adjustments to the Scope 3 results based on any detailed knowledge your business may already have.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

All data captured and calculated in the tool are exported into a query-able data warehouse.

Frequently used reports and dashboards are available directly within our software.

We also have direct integration into Qlik Sense Cloud, which gives you complete flexibility and ease of use to query your data.

If your business has its own reporting capabilities, our data warehouse is easy to integrate into your existing solution.